Frank Bob Perrin - Lansing, Michigan Chapter Trout Unlimited

What do you know about the Frank "Bob" Perrin - Lansing, Michigan Chapter of Trout Unlimited? We have 385 members. Thirty five are actively involved in chapter events.
The President is Jim Bedford. The Treasurer is Bob Flickinger. Membership Chair is Jim Pifer. Newsletter Editor is Chet Kapusinski.

Please consider making a donation to the Perrin Chapter to help us achieve our mission: To preserve, protect and restore Michigan's watersheds which support wild trout and salmon.

Please use the address of our treasurer--
Perrin-Lansing Chapter of Trout Unlimited
c/o Bob Flickinger
6603 Windsong Way
Lansing, MI 48917.

Check out our newsletter - The RollCast

  • Chet Kapusinski
    RollCast Editor / Trout Pond
  • Jim Bedford
  • Mel Comeau
  • Bob Flickinger
  • Steven Arnoczky
    Project Coordinator
  • Jim Pifer
    Membership / Webmaster
  • Dick Augustine
    Past President